Sunday, December 19, 2010

Want to Try Handicraft

I always believe that handmade crafts last longer than those that are mass produced. Because they are handmade, no two pieces are different and it takes longer to make them. Most handmade craft is an art in itself so that one can expect them to be a bit pricey than the usual commercial version.

I have always wanted to do handmade crafts but time does not permit it. I am very much attracted to furniture design and have always wanted to design my very own mosaic glass tile table. Have you ever seen those colorfully designed coffee or dining table tops? They could really help brighten a room and they also could make great conversation topics. Your guests can't help themselves but ask, "where did you ever get this one?"

It makes me wonder when I would find the time to make my very own mosaic glass table.  But I know, one way or the other, I'm gonna make one! All I need to do is create a design, look for tiles that will be perfect for the mosaic, buy a new dining table and work on it. But when? One never knows... I guess I will just have to write this down in my "bucket list" lest I forget all about it.

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