Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Early Christmas Party

We attended our first Christmas party of the year last Saturday. It was not really planned that we will join so we just came as we were. A good family friend, who we consider our "uncle" here called us up and invited us to the said Christmas party. It will be attended by other members of the Filipino community so we went. We didn't bring any gifts or food to share on that day because as I have mentioned, it wasn't planned and we received the call on the day of the party.

My little girl, in brown dress, staring at Santa in wonder.

Happy to receive her gift: a bag full of sweet candy treats. Thanks Santa!

The party took place at the Alte Feuerwehrhaus (old fire department building) here in Stuttgart and was attended by the Filipino-German community here. It was an event mainly for the grown ups but they did have a gift-giving for the children portion, where Santa Claus gave away gifts for the children. My little one was so delighted to see Santa Claus: dressed in red, with a fake white beard, a bulging belly, and a bag full of gifts. She kept staring at him in that amazed look of hers and waited to receive her gift. She also had a blast dancing on the dance floor with her Dad.

Having a blast with her Dad on the dance floor.

The next Christmas party will be on Friday, with the Filipino community again, which will be hosted by the Sto. Nino group. The party will be mainly for the children, and food and drinks will be served FREE. We will also have an exchange gift among the members. Which reminds me, I still need to shop for gifts this afternoon, after my classes. 

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