Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Because Christmas Is Not Complete Without Them

I have been hearing (or rather reading) so much about baked goodies made by our friends here in Germany on Facebook so that my mouth just can't help but water. I think at this time of the year, when it is cold and the days are mostly dark and gloomy, people have the tendency to binge on sweet snacks just to feel cheerful. Perhaps that is the reason why people get fat and earn a few inches in the waist and go one or two sizes larger in the winter season.

An assortment of baked goodies. Choco crinkles, 
marmelade stars, vanillekipferl to name a few.
Photo by Rizi Simon on Facebook.

But fattening or not, I just think that these baked goodies are superb! They are also perfect Christmas tokes or gifts to friends especially if you are on a budget. I remember receiving a bag of butter cookies from a good family friend last year and me and my little daughter just couldn't get enough of it in one day! I think I should also try my hands at baking these traditional German Christmas cookies so that I too can give them as presents to our friends. It is also a great with coffee or hot chocolate, just perfect for those lazy cold days. But first things first. I need some baking pans, a mixer, some ingredients and someone to help me get started with Baking 101. Anyone who wants to volunteer?

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