Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mommy Moments: Oh Christmas Tree

As a child, I always find wonder and excitement whenever we put up our Christmas tree. I remember putting it up together with my siblings and parents and that feeling of wonder has stayed with me since then. Now that I am a mother, I too would like my little girl to experience that same kind of wonder and excitement that I felt while putting up the Christmas tree with the family. And I guess she did when we put up our first Christmas tree this year.

It's nothing fancy like those you see on television and in home shops but it's something that we call our own. And the trinkets are small and my little girl put most of them up herself, one branch after another. She used a small ladder so that she could reach the higher branches, with Daddy gladly assisting her. It still doesn't have Christmas lights and we are going to put it up perhaps on the 16th, at the beginning of the novena de Gallo.

How I wish I was able to take photos of her decorating our tree but I too was so busy handing her the Christmas balls and stars and little wooden toys that taking photos slipped off my mind. I so enjoyed watching my little girl enjoying putting up the tree that getting hold of the camera was the last thing on my mind. I guess the wonder of Christmas has never left me after all. And I all find it through the eyes of my little girl.

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kimmy said...

don't fret much about the tree, it's the LOVELIEST because your little girl put it up. i can imagine how you felt as you watched her..

Chris said...

i think your christmas tree is great! :d happy christmas!

MJ Rodriguez said...

christmas time and all things christmas are a real family affair! putting up a christmas tree is one of my most favourite moments because everybody joins in the fun!

darly said...

i too love the way my lil girl's eyes lit up whilst we were putting up the christmas decors. Its a great tradition for families to keep every christmas season.

my entry is a bit late, hope you'd check it out too

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