Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dreaming of Spring!

It's a rather cold week this week. The weather forecast says that it's gonna snow the whole day and that it's going to be colder than the previous week. The cold feels so intense maybe because all of us in the house are not feeling well. My husband and I have the colds and my little has been sneezing and coughing for quite sometime now. Going out of the house is quite a task especially if you have to walk in the icy, cold weather and you could just feel as if your nose and ears freezing. It would indeed be a great comfort to come home to a warm home, and lie in a bed that has heated mattress pads, because it would be like you are nestled in a warm cocoon.

I have no choice but to drag myself out of bed today and move. I was already absent from my classes yesterday and I must attend my class today. I cannot allow my body to give in to the illness that has befallen me, otherwise my little girl will get sick too. Furthermore, I need to know from my classmates what I will prepare for our class Christmas party tomorrow. Even my husband, who has not been feeling well since yesterday, dragged himself to work today. 

So on my way to school today, to feel a little less cold and a little bit warmer, I will think of the chirping of the birds, I will imagine the snow melting and things coming to life again: plants and trees growing back their leaves, squirrels and rabbits coming out from their hibernation, the sun coming out and feeling warmer to the cheeks. Isn't it nice to experience the difficulties and the coldness of winter in order to better appreciate the next season that is to come?

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