Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Rid of Steinschlag

I have been reminding my husband time and again to have the steinschlag (stone chip) on our car's windshield repaired. There is now a technology that will repair these small stone chips on your vehicle's windshield that takes only about thirty minutes and is usually covered by your car insurance.

So last Monday, on our way home from Frankfurt, he decided to drop by the car glass company and had it checked. When the technician saw where the stone chip was located, he said that he could not repair it because to stone chip is located on the driver's field of vision and recommended that the entire windshield be replaced. Generally, they have a "keine Reparatur möglich" zone (no repair possible zone) or Reparatur verboten (repair not allowed) as in the image shown below:

The costs would still be covered by the insurance since the chip was caused by natural means and we would only need to pay a minimum fee for the services. 

So now, instead of a repaired windshield, we got a new windshield and we no longer have to worry about the stone chips getting bigger and presenting higher risks should we run into an accident.

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