Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best Time to Shop

I have always considered myself a thrifty spender. Ever since I became an expat about four years ago, I have learned how to spend money well (or perhaps not). I always scour for shops that sell quality goods at a much lesser price. I ask around. I check the print ads, even the Internet. And if you are to ask me when is the best time to shop? I would immediately answer: the end of the year or better yet, Christmas!

It is during this time of the year where people are expected to spend more because of the gift giving season and so many stores offer lots of gift items at discounted prices. This makes it more attractive to Christmas shoppers especially if they see a price slash in the tag.

December is also the time when businesses perform their inventory and in preparation for the new stocks that will come in the next year, they usually hold clearance sales to empty their warehouses or stock rooms faster. Offering discounts as much as 70% is more than anyone can hope for right? 

We were planning to buy some carpets for our home when I chanced upon the newspaper ad that said Räumungsverkauf (Clearance Sale) and so we went last Saturday. It was a very big carpet warehouse that sells original, oriental handmade carpets from India. We actually got a couple of big carpets and some small floor rugs at a very good price and we went home smiling. No more cold floors in the living room then!

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Marj said...

This is great! Now, am also a wise buyer. Like you, I have realized this when I learned how to work hard for money.

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