Friday, July 30, 2010

What A Relief!

When my beloved and ever reliable PC suddenly died out on me a few days back, I thought that was the end of my online job a.k.a blogging career! I was helpless for a few days, worried about all the photos and videos that I have stored in my hard drive, and felt unconnected. I was becoming restless, and hubby, seeing me "distraught" tried everything in his powers just to resurrect it. And we all know that he succeeded and I am happy, no, grinning from ear to ear again because obviously, I am now back online and clicking on my keyboard away!

It was indeed a relief! Things are back to normal, at least for me. Lol! So what did I do while I was "jobless"? Well, I managed to clean and vacuum our sofa, from the inside out. I unearthed retrieved from underneath it lost puzzle pieces, a freebie plastic fan, colored pens, my missing souvenir pen, my little girl's Old McDonald Had A Farm book, some hair elastic bands, and a few months worth or accumulated dust. I also managed to get our little office cum play room organized. Hubby even joked that I could get a lot of work done with my computer kaput. Yes, for two long days, I thought that I accomplished something, as a homemaker at least. Lol!

And the best thing is, all my files are intact.So right now, what's keeping me busy is cleaning up my external hard drive so that I can move other important files into it.

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