Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Am Not A Geek

I am not a geek. I am not a geek. Lol! I have been telling myself that for the hundredth time. And I know I am not. I am just a normal person living a normal life and doing normal things. But even the word NORMAL can be a very variable thing. It's all a matter of what your reference point for NORMAL is! Lol!

So this week's theme is still part of the BRAG MONTH on Girls Talk and it's a bit of a challenge for me because I am not that very good at bragging. Hehe! Anyway, this week's theme is: I Love Me... Mentally. Many people say that I am an intelligent person. If by intelligent you meant garnering honors in class, entering and graduating at a science high school, passing the CSAT with flying colors, being on the dean's list in the university and achieving the BPI science award for academic excellence and passing the board exam, then I guess you can call me intelligent. See? I am not good at bragging! Lol!

I was lucky enough to be good in academics. But I was able to achieve all these things through my parent's encouragement and my determination and hardwork to succeed in whatever it is I do. I also had my DOST scholarship to maintain which made me all the more determined to succeed through high school and college. I also don't want to be a burden to my parents financially and want to make them proud because they have sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings' education.

I also am a good observer.. which can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. My attention to detail can be annoying at times but it has never failed to amaze Hubby. Hehe! But I am not all brains. I forget things easily too (especially the important details) and have made some hasty decisions whose consequences were not so good.

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K said...

being observant is good. kesa naman scatterbrain katulad ko. LOL. makakalimutin pa. hays. chemical engineer ka, you have a lot to be proud of when it comes to your mental health!

love ya marce!

sheng said...

you are indeed an intelligent person...

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