Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer and Loving It!

It's already summer here and although I complain about the heat, I can't deny the fact that it means travel time for us. The days are longer here and with the sun still very high and blazing at five in the afternoon, I always take my sunglasses with me. I am not much of a wearer but the sun's glare really hurts so that I had no choice but to wear one. Last year, we really had to purchase a pair for that reason. I remember trying out Designer Sunglasses too but they just don't the shape of my face so it was kind of tasking. Hehe!

Another thing I love about summer is that I can wear my normal clothes: jeans or capri pants and shirts and slippers. Summer also gives me an excuse to buy some skin care products to prevent my skin from being damaged... (as if it is isn't damaged as it is.) and some summer clothes too! I have been eyeing some summer dresses but I keep holding back because I might not look good in them. Lol! So much for my fashion makeover this year!

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