Friday, July 2, 2010

Have You Seen Milan?

Are you familiar with the movie entitled Milan which starred Piolo Pascual and Claudine Baretto? It is a 2004 Philippine drama flick that portrays the lives of many Filipino overseas workers and also featured the beautiful fashion and business capital of Italy - Milan. 

We will be visiting there tomorrow and will stay for one night before moving on to tour some of France. So I guess I should watch this movie and look out for the attractions featured there. I should also make my research lest we get lost. As you all know, my parents-in-law are here and now is their chance to see some of Europe so we might as well take the opportunity to visit the places that we haven't been to yet.

We will be visiting churches and famous landmarks and take in as much of Italy as we can. And perhaps go on a little shopping. After all, Milan is the center of fashion. I just hope I don't drain what left of our little savings and just buy what I really need. We'll soon find out if I was able to bring home something. Will post about it when we get back, which is nine days from now. Yes, that's how long I will be gone.

Wish us a happy and safe trip?

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