Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kindergarten and Halloween Costumes

My little girl, who is now two years and four months old will soon be going to Kindergarten in September. Unlike most of the children in her group, she will be coming in not as a three-year-old. She will be two and a half years old by the time she starts Kindergarten, six months too early for her. I have some concerns and apprehensions but I believe in my little girl's capacity to adapt with people. I have seen her get along well in a group of strangers and because she has a genuine interest in people, I know that she will get along pretty well with her older classmates.

I also know that Kindergarten will be a venue for her to learn and discover things that she will never experience while staying at home. And I am just excited for the many activities that she will be joining like field trips, school plays, summer fests, Halloween, christmas and spring festivals and more. I am particularly interested in Halloween because I already have Halloween costumes in mind. She can dress up as Snow White or as any other Princess or as one of her favorite cartoon characters, Emily Erdbeer (Strawberry Shortcake). Oh yes, I just can't wait to see my little girl out into the real world. I know that she will make me proud. I feel nostalgic just thinking about it. Gosh, how do they manage to grow up so fast?

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