Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Thoughts on Going Back to School

In less than two months, I will be taking another step further in terms of my education. I will go back to school and study for two years in a field that I know will prove useful and helpful a few years from now. Many of our friends here have been asking me when I will start at the university and I told them it will be in September. They all wish me well and good luck and I am happy for their support.

Deep inside though, I am scared. I am afraid that I am not completely ready to take on another responsibility. I know that I will have to give up something in order to go to school and I hope that what I will be giving up will be worth it. I am afraid to fail the expectations of my hubby and family and friends and especially my expectations of myself. Just thinking about the countless paperwork that I will be writing and need to submit on time, makes me wish that I could just buy essays as easy as one, two, three. But I know that such is not always the case. It's good to know though that I can find instructions on how to write a family essay and persuasive essay should a professor require me too. 

What I am more afraid about is the time that I will missing on my little girl's development. We have already arranged to send her to Kindergarten while I am away at school but I am afraid that studying will eat up most of my free time even after university hours. We are also planning to have a vacation in the Philippines next year and I am not sure if I will ever have some breaks because I was told in the email that most professors give exams in between school breaks.

With all my worries and fears, I am still hopeful for good things to come. Let's just hope that good luck will smile down upon me.

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