Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Samantha's Own's New Look

I am restless once again and getting bored with my little girl's blog layout that I decided to give it another fresh new look. It is about time too as she is now a toddler and I want something that will show how much she has grown. I found just the perfect layout for her, thanks to Template-Mama who generously offers wonderful free blogger templates. I was able to customize the header with her blog title and her photo too, to really make it her own.

This was how it looked before:

And this is how it looks like now:

Which one do you like better? Do visit her site, Samantha's Own, to really get a look around. Thanks!


Clarissa said...

Ang galing mo naman dear!!Iba na talaga ang techie!!Wala akong alam dyan(T_T)Well done dear!!I love it!!

Kikit said...

Hi K! Ganahan ko sa new look K. Ug nidako na si Sam sa pic. Nice kaayo diary ni Sam ba. :)

Tetcha said...

I like this new layout better because of its reereshing look.

bambie said...

wow. cute nman your baby's blog. i'm thinking tuloy of setting up a blog for my pamangkins (since i don't have angels of my own). dami ko kasi nakikita na baby blogs.☺

btw kikamz, i have several awards for you. hope you can grab them. they're right here.☺

Chris said...

i love it! ill check out the templates... i need to revamp Inspirational Insights soon :D

onlinemommy said...

Both templates are great! Pero parang mas personalized ung first with your daughter's picture :)

darly said...

love the look momi kikamz, ill check out the site and see if i can grab a free template too :)

niko said...

aw!! marunong ka pala sa PSE!! congrats! i love them both.. am heading to sam's now.. :)

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