Monday, November 9, 2009

TCP#14: 8 Seconds

Welcome to the November 10th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes where we post about a movie each week. Last week, we featured DRAMA films and one movie featured by Coucher Ate Chris of Inspirational Insights that is worth watching is Schindler's List. Visit her blog to find out more about this 1993 Spielberg film.

This week, we are going yeehaw! and will feature Western movies. If you love horses, cows and bulls, ranches and homesteads, the primitive or obsolete ways confronting social change, cowboys and gunfights, honor and sacrifice, arid, desolate landscapes and saloons, then this is your theme!

For this week, I would like to feature 8 Seconds, starring Luke Perry of the then popular teen series, Beverly Hills 90210 in his first mature role. This film is based on the life of Lane Frost, the American rodeo legend and world bull riding champion. This 1994 film details his life as a kid learning to ride the bull until his death in 1989. In order to be scored in rodeos, the person must ride the bull for 8 seconds, thus the title 8 seconds. I love how Perry's character struggled to balance between fame and legend, and his family life. And how we should tell everyone that we love them because we might not ever have another chance. Perry made a great portrayal of his role and he has successfully shown how exuberant about life Lane Frost was. I also like the poem entitled "Cowboy Is His Name" that Cody read near the end of the movie:
Cowboy Is His Name

There's a hundred years of history
and a hundred before that
All gathered in the thinkin'
Goin' on beneath this hat.

The cold flame burns within him
'Til his skin's as cold as ice
And the dues he paid to get here
Are worth every sacrifice.

All the miles spend sleepy drivin'
All the money down the drain,
All the 'if I's' and 'nearly's,'
All the bandages and pain,

All the female tears left dryin',
All the fever and the fight
Are just a small down payment
On the ride he makes tonight.

It's guts and love and glory,
One mortal's chance at fame.
His legacy is rodeo
And cowboy is his name.

©Baxter Black

There is also a great footage of the real Lane Frost that is worth seeing. So if you ever get the chance to view this movie, go ahead. Here's a little preview:

Want more WESTERN movies? Then check out the Couchers' entries in the MckLinky below. If you are joining us this week, then don't forget to enter the link URL to your TCP entry in the MckLinky below so that others can visit too!

That's it for this week's Tuesday Couch Potatoes. Next week, we will feature "Presidents and First Families" movies. Until then! Thanks for joining and Happy TCP!


Hazel said...

Oh my look at those bulls. It surely is a ride to hold on for :-)

Seiko said...

I'd never seen this Mommy.A very dangerous sports indeed.
My choice for this week's theme was also came from a movie in year 1994 & it's up now Mommy.I just came home early kaya maaga nakapag post today yey!

bambie said...

first time i heard about this movie. love ko pa naman si dylan of beverly hills 90210. thanks for sharing this!

have my entry up na din right here.☺

happy TCP and have a great week ahead!

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