Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Praising God Through Blogging

I have encountered a number of spiritual blogs out there in the blogging world, one of which is Praise God With All My Heart. Here, the author lets loose her spirituality, her belief in God, her reflections from the heart without any reservations whatsoever. You'd be amazed at her strong convictions and faith and trust in God.

I do love her reflections, which really speak of what's truly in her heart. And the select songs of praise and worship that she features in her blog just touched me to the core of my being. Take for example Lose My Soul which is all about denying oneself of the pleasures of the world in order to follow God. Human as we are, this is a difficult task, something that is easier said than done, yet doable should one just will it.

While most of us will find reading the bible quite difficult and would prefer reading bestselling paperbacks, this blog's entries on bible verses encourages you to give the Bible another try. The bible indeed has a wealth of lessons to be discovered.

God is indeed worthy to be praised and this blog is a fitting example of how God's unceasing and steadfast love has never failed to amaze and awe a life. Indeed, God still works in marvelous ways. And because of this, one can never be too embarrassed to shout to the world how great His LOVE for us is!

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