Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girl Talk: Reading, Blogging and More!

I almost forgot that today is Thursday, and that means time for Girls Talk! I hope Anik won't get mad if my entry is almost late... AGAIN! But as they say, better late than never. Hehe!

Anyway, as most of you may already know, I love to read Paulo Coelho. He is by far my favorite author. My affair with reading Coelho began in college when a good friend lent me the much talked-about bestseller, The Alchemist. But of course, there is also Nicholas Sparks, who writes very emotional and unforgettable love stories like The Notebook. And then there is also C.S. Lewis who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia, J.K. Rowling, Grisham and Sheldon. I have lots of books waiting for me to be read but because my hands are full right now, I can't find the time to sit in a corner and read. And when I read, I really read. As from dusk till dawn, until I finish the book. So I guess with a little makulit toddler, this is indeed a luxury I cannot afford for now.

I also love to watch movies, obviously. My humble Tuesday Couch Potatoes meme will not be possible without my love for the movies, old and new. Anything goes for me when it comes to movies though I am inclined to watching sappy love stories, romantic comedies and sci-fi.

I love to take photos too! My favorite subject is of course, Samantha and all things that I find beautiful. I wish to take some Photography lessons one of these days so that I will be able to optimize my Nikon. I want to take beautiful and captivating photos, and make something striking out of the ordinary. That is all a dream for now because, again, time won't permit.

And last but not least, there is surfing the net (a.k.a. Facebook!) and blogging. This blog wouldn't be alive without my passion for writing and blogging. It is also through this past time that I get to make good use of my time by earning money on the side and meet fantastic and wonderful SAHMs, just like me. It is through blogging that I get the assurance that I am not alone in this world. :D

So how about you? How do you spend your free time? Share it with us!


Seiko said...

We have things in common Mommy.I love reading books too 'though we both love diff'rent Authors but still we both love reading books period hehe.
I love to watch movies to specially when kiddos around,super duper mahilig sa movie kasi ang mga dalaga ko.
And lastis "blogging"!Ahaha!!ilang mommies na ba ang nabisita laging nandon ang blogging hehe.Anyways happy blogging to ypu & ypur family.Mwah!

Cecile said...

i love reading, too!

Jac said...

Reading books and watching TV is my all time favorite pastime...
Have a great weekend!

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