Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When Girls Rule!

Being a GIRL entails so many things: being a daughter, a sister, a mother, a girlfriend, a wife, and lots more. If you enjoy all the little pleasures, all the spices of life, all the drama that comes with it, all the latest in fashion and even gossip, then there's one site that you should check out: Girl's Rule!, a blog authored by no other than my online pal Niko or Aniknik as I fondly call her.

A fairly young blog, which has been live for only more than two months, it has come a long way and have gone from unknown to PR2 in that period of time! I wonder how Niko did it... I hope she will also reveal her blogging secrets!? If you want to know her blogging secrets, send her an email. She will gladly share her blogging success with you.

Of course, you all know that she is the host of the famous Girls Talk meme every Thursday. You will surely have lots of fun and even drool while browsing other girls' favorite stuff from this meme of her.

If you love Hollywood news, news that are directly or indirectly related to being a woman, you can also find it at her blog. There is one crazy news that I really can't believe, one that I really think is preposterous. A wedding photo worth $300,000? But I guess a wedding is every woman's dream and one that should be treasured, and the photos should be priceless indeed!

But what I love the most about this site is that it is never pretentious... Niko always writes about what's in her heart and for that, she RULES!


Chris said...

go niko :) great post kikamz...

nikogirl said...

ei bongga naman parang di ako to kamz :D

anyways thanks for this! hugs hugs and hugs :D

and congrats to u! PR2 na rin!!! way to gooooo girl!!

any news from ann smarty???????? good luck girl!!!

mwah mwah

fedhz said...

aw, naiyak ako dun ha. haha, niko! go girl! di pa nga ako nakasali dito eh. hayz. di kase ako girl kaya hirap. wakokok.

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