Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girl Talk: My Glass of Iced Tea And More

Nestea iced tea

Nothing beats a glass of ice-cold iced tea after a day's work. Whether I am at home or out, iced tea will always be on my list. It just refreshes me and even on a cold day, I still can't live without downing a glass. My favorite is Nestea Lemon. It tastes just right, not too strong nor bitter nor sweet, and you can actually taste the lemon. Of course, I add a slice or two of lemon to add color and give it that tangy taste.

Starbucks coffee

I also enjoy coffee a lot. My favorite is the freshly brewed coffee or Cafe Mocca from Starbucks and my all time favorite, the Durian coffee which is served exclusively by BluGre in Davao. Ahhh.. I miss sipping a mug of coffee with a good book in hand. And of course, I love healthy drinks. Natural fruit juices and shakes are my thing. I always have orange or pineapple juice in my fridge, the one with no sugar added. And when I feel up to it, I diligently squeeze four pieces of oranges to make myself freshly squeezed orange juice. And as for my favorite shake, it will always have to be green mango shake. I just love it's sweet-sour taste. Now I am drooling!!!

I am not a big fan of alcoholic drinks probably because I am not the nightlife kind of girl. I never drink when me and my girlfriends go out and my usual hang out place is the coffee shop. The only time when I got a little too much to drink was during our company Christmas party because the beer was free and overflowing. I used to work for a beverage company and we bottle beer and softdrinks. Figures! LOL!

What's your favorite drink? Share it with us at Girls Talk!


pehpot said...

ako din I love coffee.. kung hindi ako buntis I can do 5 to 8 cups a day.. with lot of sugar and cream..

niko said...

for the mango shake toO!! yobib loves iced tea as much as u do :) naku lagi may iced sa bahay..

thanks for joining kamz! mwah mwah see u next thurs ha.. fave chocolate naman tau..

have a great weekend ahead!

riablahgs said...

pareho tayo ng fave..iced tea!! masarap din yan with fresh mint leaves.

Yami said...

Coffee and iced tea naman for me.

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