Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Bedroom in the Attic

My first born's bedroom in the attic is just about the largest sleeping room in the house. Technically, we are finished with the renovations. New wallpaper, white paint, carpet flooring and baseboards are finished and she already moved in, along with the furniture that she decided to keep. 

All that is left is how to decorate it to make the room more relaxing and a place to retreat to after a busy day. I wanted it to be a room fitting for a girl her age but designed in such a way that it will be easy to update once her taste and color or design preference changes. Basically, her room has the sloping roof on the long side and it has two skylights for windows. We placed one bed on one of the shorter side, while her book shelves and study table are positioned on the opposite side. This is to separate her study and sleeping area. Now she has plenty of space in the middle of the room. 

I read from interior design magazines and online articles that low furniture for storage are my best options when choosing furniture. I could place a lowboard below one of the skylight windows and then perhaps a lounge chair beneath the other skylight window for when she wants to take a break from all the studying.

I am also thinking of placing a round low table in the middle of the room. Like this table we found at Ikea last Saturday:

We plan to illuminate the room with lamps, a standing lamp beside the lounge chair and table lamps for her bedside table and the lowboard. There is this simple but modern design that I particularly like:

I also plan to place some framed photos on the wall where her bed is. And maybe add this printed deer to give the room a touch of color:

We can't wait to finish decorating her room so we can move on to the next room in the house. But because my hands are full with our 2nd baby, I can only do so little at one time. Well, we have all the time in the world. Slowly but surely, we will be able to renovate and redecorate each room to our liking. 

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