Saturday, November 7, 2020

Lilly's 1st Month

On your first four weeks, a lot of things happened. It was a busy time as we prepared for our move to Ludwigsburg. You came three weeks early into this world you see, but I think that is a blessing in disguise, then we were already able to establish some kind of a routine. Had you been born on the day that you were supposed to come out, it would have been a lot more stressful for all of us.

Phototherapy to reduce bilirubin levels in newborns with jaundice.

With the pandemic, it is not simple. We always feel afraid for you and your big sister. But with the observance of proper hygiene, wearing of masks and only going out when necessary, you are both healthy and safe. Almost a week old and you had to be admitted back to the hospital because you had jaundice and you had to undergo phototherapy to lower the bilirubin levels in your blood. We both needed to be swabbed for Corona virus tests. This is a protocol for all patients admitted. They pierced you very tiny hands and feet with needles so they could check your blood properly. Hearing you screaming out in pain broke my heart I had to get out of the examination room because it was too heart wretching to witness. Also, it really pained me to see you inside the incubator with nothing but your diaper on and your "swimming" eye protector for a total of 12 hours, with 6 hours of break in between. You did not know how to breastfeed properly yet at that time and my milk supply is still too small so that feeding you was a challenge. I had to give you formula milk to supplement the breastmilk that I had to regularly pump. Thankfully, the therapy was a success and we were able to come home three days after. 

It could be muscle reflexes but this was one of first smiles
captured on camera at about 3 weeks old. 

As you turned a month old, we finally managed to go breastfeeding all the way. Such a huge feat for me since it has been my silent wish and desire to be able to nourish my child with my own milk. I was not able to do it with your Nee-chan and I thank the heavens I was able to do it with you. We still have our mishaps sometimes
👶🤦🏻‍♀️ especially when we try to find a comfortable breastfeeding position. It was a learning process for me, and all the sleepless nights made me feel very exhausted. I am thankful that your daddy is there to watch over you when he has the time and energy to allow me rest and get a few hours of sleep. 

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