Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

Christmas is just around the corner, as of this writing only 36 days to go. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I find it important more than ever to have that Christmas holiday festive mood in the house because everything else, especially the beloved Christmas markets are unfortunately cancelled. 

To have that festive holiday feeling, I have noted some nice Christmas and winter decorating ideas both for indoors and outdoors that I would like to apply into our home.

1. Nordic Gnome with Pointed Hat

Aren't they cute? I found this on Pinterest, which leads to an Instagram account (and I don't have one). I want to make these Nordic gnomes and place them outside our front porch. To make these, I would need fir branches which are hopefully now available at the garden centers, a wire mesh for the base structure, some binding wire, a big fat potato for the nose, filling material for the pointed cap and a white pointed cap. Perhaps a red cap will also make it more colorful? I am excited so wish me luck!

2. Outdoor Christmas Lantern for the Porch

These outdoor Christmas lanterns are just gorgeous, aren't they? Found this idea On Sutton Place and there's even an instruction on how to DIY. Now, if I can just find a red lantern similar to the one on the photo, that would be great! It definitely gives that festive Christmas feel. And it is not so large so it would be perfect for our small front porch.

3. Upcycling those Snow Sleds

We have a wooden sled that has been unused for some time now. And we can't go sledding just yet and I doubt if it will snow this year. I think I will put the sled into good use by turning it into a shelf for some small Christmas decor. This is perfect both as outdoor and indoor deco. Add some block candles to get that cozy mood, some fir branches, wooden stars and Christmas figures and you have a homey and natural Christmas deco.

4. Christmas Wreath for the Door

A Christmas wreath on your front door should always be present at Christmastime. They say "you are always welcome to this home" and will give both family and friends visiting that feeling of belongingness. I always smile at homes with wreaths on their doors, not only during the holiday seasons. I would like to make a wreath this year made of natural materials. Let's see if I can outdo the one pictured here. Hehe!

5. Advent wreath

There's always a thousand and one ideas for your advent wreath. I have always had a rectangular shaped advent wreath. This year, I want to make the traditional round one. Because the first Advent is in two weeks, I think I would make this one first. 

I should make a trip to the garden center soon, baby in tow, and shop for materials that I will be needing. Will post what I have done soon!

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