Monday, April 20, 2020

Backyard Garden Ideas

We are moving again soon.. this time to somewhere we can really call our home. It has a small backyard where we can finally have our own small garden, enjoy grill parties and have a space for our Suki to play.

I have been scourging the Internet for some small garden ideas and here are my top picks:

1. This garden style gives that tropical feeling.. with bamboos, yucas, and palms, it gives you that vacation feeling. The white pebbles give it a fresh contrast.

2. A tree in the middle with a water fountain simply gives that calming and relaxing effect. A tree that transforms beautifully with the changing of the seasons will be pefect in this case.

3. A patch of green and paths leading to a back lounging area is also nice. A pergola can be added for those rainy days so you and your guests will not get wet. Your backyard area should be longer though.  

4. A tiled walkway on one side and a green patch and flowering blooms in pots on the other side with an eyecatching garden accessory like this white bicycle gives your backyard a chic look. 

5. A lounging area with a fire basin ensures that it will still be comfortable outside the garden even on those cold and chilly nights. Adding elements like gravel stones and wooden planking for the flooring gives texture and separates one area of the garden to the other. 

Which garden idea is your favorite?

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