Thursday, January 13, 2011

GT: Love Life Resolutions

It is the first month of the year and the theme this Thursday is Love Life Resolutions. I missed Girls Talk last Thursday and the many other Girls Talk many Thursdays before that and so I hope to be able to join from this Thursday on.

With the New Year and all, I just realized that I haven't really planned or even thought about my resolutions. Sometimes, I would think about what I want to do this year to improve myself and my relationships but I never really got around to seriously writing them down. Thanks to GT, I am obliged to do so. I think it is very important to think about what I intend to do to keep my relationship with my husband stronger and work on some of the weak points.

We've been together as a married couple for four years now and although we go through difficulties, we managed to get through them together. But ever since I started at the university last year, I have less time to take care of the essentials. So this year, I need to work on managing my time better so I can also take care of things. I am always tired and exhausted that I only have time to really take care of my little girl and often let the hubby take care of himself. I also miss our talks and morning prayers and we would just pray on our own since we have different schedules. I hope we would manage to bring that ritual back. I also hope to be more active and initiative in terms of managing the budget because that is the area where I am really very poor. Isn't it that if you have a good financial standing, you and your partner don't argue as much?

So I guess that's it for now. There are still lots of things that I need to work on but these are of the higher priority. Hehe! I hope to join again next Thursday for another edition of GT. Here's hoping that everyone manages to fulfill their love life resolutions this year.

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kim said...

i really wish you luck on that, especially the 'managing the budget' thing. sometimes it just gets too frustrating, and what's worse is that we tend to take it on to anyone in the way, the husband for instance, lol!

K said...

i also notice that financial issue sometimes getting in my nerves. since i'm the breadwinner, i feel the pressure so much more than him and that's where we don't understand each other sometimes. i hope this year would be a good year for you and your hubby, and i hope as well that you will be able to manage your time better (wish ko pala para sating dalawa un. LOL) so you can spend more time with him :)

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