Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time For A Makeover?

I have always had straight hair. I sometimes wear it short, one-length, shaggy, slashed, or whatever hairstyle you have had but never had it curled except this one time when I still a kid. And I tell you, it was a disaster! Because I have thick hair, and it was very straight then, the hairdresser had to apply the curling formula not once, but twice!, because the first time just wouldn't curl it. And I had to sit for like hours just to wait for it to cure. And when it was finished, the desired look that we were aiming for went bonkers. My curly hair was everywhere, and it was very unmanageable, dry and frizzy. That experience got the better off me. It made me wish I had my old straight hair back.

But with curly hair becoming more fashionable each day and hair products getting better, the idea of having my hair curled once again is attractive. Do you think a curly or wavy hair will make me look more fashionable and younger?

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Beth said...

di ko pa yan tinatry, di kasi bagay sa shape ng face ko.

I think straight hair looks good on you. :)

PS: You can call me Ate Beth! I so like it, it's no big deal, promise!

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