Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Online Forms Anyone?

Blogging has been a fun way for me to communicate with other bloggers of the same interest. It has taken me places, with lots of my blogger friends' travel stories. It has given me insights to their lives and inspiration with their anecdotes and ramblings and random thoughts. It has also shown me creative hand crafts that makes me wish I could do it too. I often find myself coming back for more of their stories, knowing that there will always be a new, amusing, awesome, touching or moving post just waiting for me to be read. I sometimes even find myself wanting to write them privately especially when writing a comment is not the proper venue to say my thoughts. Sadly though, only a few blogs have a Contact Me form in their sites. And I must admit, I am too lazy to write them an email or to ask for their email adresses.

I sure wish they know about this FREE Online Form Builder that will allow them to make not only Contact forms, but feedback, evaluation, and surveys and polls as well. With lots of templates to choose from, it is indeed very user-friendly. What's cool about it is that it uses Flash technology and allows a user to add any media to make the form interactive and personal. And this is not only for bloggers. It is also for business entrepreneurs and sellers who have online stores, event organizers and any other publisher that provides a service in one way or another.

As a blogger, I have always wanted a personalized Contact Me form application added on my blog. This way, it will be easier for them to contact me, should the need arise, by just filling in the form that I have provided to them instead of asking them to write me an email. No more opening another window or application. And the good thing with this web-based application from is that as a user, you get a real-time SMS notification so that you don't miss a thing! I think this is just one great way to communicate.

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