Friday, July 31, 2009

Mommy Moments: Look At That Mess!

My little one messing up the cables from the little pouch.

This Friday's theme is quite fun! I missed Mommy Moments for three Fridays already so I hope this one isn't too late yet!

When it comes to making a mess, my little Samantha is quite good at it! And it is an ordeal for me to try to just let her enjoy her mess (with me being an OC). My hands just itch to put back each item she messes up back to its original position. And she could be such a tease because she would just mess things all the more!

Got a messy experience with your kids? Join us at:

mommy moments


Willa @ SmartMommy said...

I was like you before, but my OC-ness jumps out of the window since my boys were born. :)
and your daughter is a cute little messy girl! :)

Jac said...

so cute btw I have an award for you here

Happy weekend :))

Chris said...

just like me! sometimes, i cant stop myself from picking up. but have to give them some space so that they will learn to pick up after themselves! :D

Unknown said...

Nothing can beat our kids kikamz when it comes to messy stuff, ila na talent hehehe. Dili kompleto araw nila pag hindi makapag kalat. Look at your baby sam, ang laki na, so habang lumalaki, dumadami din kalat hehehe. good job baby sam, pagurin mo pa si mommy.

Tetcha said...

Messy for kids is tantamount to fun. Haha! Is this a new blog, mommy or new domain name lang?

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!Ganyan talaga ang mga kids!!Kalat ng kalat at tayo namang mga Mommies eh pulot ng pulot ng kalat nila pagkatapos magkakalat na naman lol!!\(^0^)/
She's still a cutie kahit na makalat lol!!^_^

genejosh said...

messy but cutie...he..he..

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