Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy Moments: Encounter with Animals

mommy moments
If there is one thing that my little one loves, it's animals. I smile each time I see her growl like an animal whenever she sees a dog, a tiger or any other animal may it be in books, on TV or in real life. That's why a trip to the zoo is always a treat for her. The animals from her picture books coming to life is just fascinating for her!

Children at her age are indeed a curious lot and this is the perfect time for them to learn about animals. Seeing them in real life allows them to discover and explore about the world around them.

Watching the zebras from a distance.

Looking at the leopard with her Dad.

She is giggling here.. It could be something that Mr. Elephant told her.

She feels like she is a giraffe too... with her head high up from the ground.

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Enchie said...

Nice to see Sam loving the animals. At ang Giraffe wala na kami makita dito. It is one of the most fsacinating animals kids would really like to see.

Jacris said...

Nice pictures,Sam got overwhelmed. Just seeing the smile in her face it looks like she had fun...

have a wonderful weekend!Btw would you like to exchange badge with me?Let me know kung ok ha!!!

Phoebe said...

tuwang-tuwa naman si baby Sam sa encounter nia..anyway, already replaced ur link n mommy..kya pala di ko na ma-access yung dati, eto n pala bago..will be visiting more often..and tnx po sa comment :)

by the way, my new baby has a blog natin..drop by kn lng if u have time

Chris said...

she loved it indeed! thanks for sharing! im grabbing your button by the way!

Willa said...

r giggle shows all the excitement! :)

pehpot said...

ey Mommy thanks for visiting my

your button is up on my butotn page na :)

kainggit naman jan, we don't have that much animals na here, specially giraffe, my kids would love to see giraffe and elephant..

Make or Break

juliana said...

hi! Kamz ang laki na talaga si Sam. nakakatuwa silang tingnan. She is indeed Daddy's little girl.

take care and have a great weekend!

shydub said...

Buti pang maliit mo dalagingging nakapunta na sa zoo, ang daming lugar na talaga napuntahan ni baby sam,nakakainggit ang batang yan hehehe.

Twinkie said...

Happy baby Sam! Very cute!

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