Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They Feel Snug

Our doorbell rang today. I was excited. Something told me that it was the package I have been waiting for. And after getting my keys and some cash, I went down the lift and met the courier guy. After paying some €16.35 (around Php1076.17) for the customs fee, which by the way I wasn't expecting, I got hold of my first ever ugg boots! They arrived 7 days after I ordered them online.

I rushed back up our flat and was touched to see my little daughter looking worried. She must have been wondering where I was because I suddenly disappeared from her sight. Hehe! Bad Mommy! So to compensate for the fright that I must have caused her, I let her open the package and had her try it on first. Yes, she was the first to try and she was very delighted. I tried to take photos of her while wearing my new pair of SNUG UGG Australia boots but she won't let me. I let go of the camera and just let her have some peace with the pair. She is now taking her afternoon nap so I finally had the time to take some photos and to try them on.

And my, do they feel so good, warm, comfy and snug! Now I won't get cold feet when we go out in the snow. Hurrah! My first pair of boots and I just love them! I can't even help from blogging about it!

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