Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Hear Wedding Bells!

A good friend of mine who I met hear in Germany is finally tying the knot! I am very excited and happy for her because I know a bit of her love story and I know that she deserves to be happy in the end. I know she is busy preparing for her wedding considering that it will be held in the Philippines. I can understand how stressful and challenging it might be to prepare for a wedding and you are a thousand miles away from the wedding venue. I did give her some tips and shared my wedding preparation experience with her so that she would have some idea on how to go about with everything especially with the paperworks. And when I say paperworks, it is not just the church and the civil documents but the wedding program, church ceremony and of course the invitations. I know also that she has to work on a budget and so being able to save on the small details like cheap wedding programs would be a lot of help.

We just talked again last Friday, a few days after she arrived from the Philippines and I can say that she is blooming and happy. She had a three-week vacation there and she related to me how her wedding preparations went. She is already done with the church requirements and have finalized the venue for the reception, the wedding video and photo coverage, the invitations and souvenirs and her wedding dress. I should remind her about the wedding program and church ceremony because she might have forgotten about it. And of course, I should constantly remind her about the photos. I offered to make their wedding AVP and I need ample time to create something that is very special.

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