Friday, January 15, 2010

Mommy Moments: My Tiny Firstborn

Whee! My tiny little baby is finally out!

I love to dub Samantha as my firstborn because I am hoping for one or two more. She so badly needs a playmate and a little brother and/or a little sister and I hope that I can give her one soon. She was so tiny when she came out but I guess most of you really know that.

She can seem to focus already a few hours after birth.

The first time I saw her was one of the moments of my life. She was so tiny and fragile that I felt my throat tighten. She had to be kept in an incubator for two days just so the doctors can monitor her vitals. But she is one fighter because on the second day, she was already out of it. And even inside the incubator, she has already shown signs of having a strong spirit: she kicks real strong!

L: Samantha at the hospital and R: during her first taxi ride home.

Identification tags. Both her feet had them.
And her baby bed also had my name written in Katakana.
As well as her vital statistics. Can you read what it says?

I miss Samantha's newborn days. All she did then was sleep and drink milk. Everything seems routinary and she is so predictable. The "hele" days are the most unforgettable because she loves to sleep in my arms. I miss her newborn scent, her tiny hands and tiny feet, her tiny newborn clothes. But all babies do grow... a sign that they are well taken cared of.

Finally home with our little one. We are one complete family.

Sweet dreams Sam... I wonder if babies already have dreams?

Looking back has made me realize how much Samantha has grown. And in less than 6 weeks, she will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. Geez! Time does indeed fly so fast.

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Anonymous said...

Aww so Beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww so Beautiful!!


grace said...

Ohhhh.. so cute...i finally seeyou here dear..I thought your hubby is a!

darly said...

she's so chinky pala when she was newly born..... such a pretty pretty face.

Happy MM Momi Kikamz.

Here's my MM entry, check it out too.

Chris said...

its great to reminisce di ba? :)

Tetcha said...

Your little princess is indeed a fighter. You're blessed to have her; I hope she has a new sister/brother soon.

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