Monday, August 31, 2009

TCP#4: Two Weeks Notice

Welcome to the 4th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes, where we post about a movie each week. Today's theme is Sandra Bullock Movies. If you are among the many who enjoys watching her movies, then come join us this week!

Had enough of your job already and want to quit? Sandra Bullock shows you how...

In the 2002 Romantic Comedy Two Weeks Notice, Sandra Bullock plays a brilliant but detail-obsessed attorney opposite Hugh Grant as her charming and undeniably self-absorbed millionaire boss. This movie has never failed to make me laugh! It is heartwarming, filled with humor, and there is a Chemistry in the Bullock-Grant tandem! One of the scenes in the movie which I found particularly unforgettable was when Lucy had too much too eat and she has to go to the bathroom while they are stuck on a bridge in New York City. The music used in the film was ingenious too!

Here's a Synopsis:
Millionaire George Wade doesn't make a move without Lucy Kelson, his multi-tasking Chief Counsel at the Wade Corporation. A brilliant attorney with a strategic mind, she also has an ulcer and doesn't get much sleep.

It's not the job that's getting to her. It's George. Smart, charming and undeniably self-abosrbed, he treats her more like a nanny than a Harvard-trained lawyer - and can barely choose a tie without her help. Now, after five years of calling the shots, on everything from his clothes to divorce settlements, Lucy Kelson is calling it quits.

Although George makes it difficult for Lucy to leave the Wade Corporation, he finally agrees to let her go - but only if she finds her own replacement. After a challenging search, she hires an ambitious young lawyer (ALICIA WITT) with an obvious eye on her wealthy boss.

Confronted with the fact that Lucy is literally sailing out of his life, George faces a decision on his own: is it ever too late to say "I love you"?
Haven't seen the movie yet? Here's a preview:

That's it for this week! Do join us next week, for we will feature a SUSPENSE-THRILLER, something that you have seen that really gave you goosebumps and kept you awake!

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Hazel said...

I enjoyed Two Weeks Notice! I didn't even know I've watched it already til I began reading your post. Hugh Grant is very spoiled as he seems to be in like Music & Lyrics =)

(kung ako ang lawyer e sinapak ko na yang boss na yan at lumayas na walang ka notice-notice lol!)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Mami Kikamz, I haven't see this movie but hubby said it is a good one..

here's my entry for this week..

Phebie said...

Oh I also love that movie...

mine is up...

HAppy TCP!

Beth said...

I also like TWNotice! I like Hugh Grant kasi. I like them both, actually.

pinkyshelo said...

Hi Mommy, my first time here to join.. I just find your theme this week so timely..=)

here's mine here:

Lulu said...

Mine is up now ....

BTW, i enjoyed watching two weeks notice too!

Chris said...

i got to watch this one!

Mys said...

this one is my number 3 movie.
It's also a great choice.
Hmm... so far madami ang lake house, and while you were sleeping.
interesting topic. iba-iba ang taste.

shydub said...

I enjoy this movie, im gonna watch this again. enjoy the your tuesday with your movie kamz

nuts said...

oh, i love this meme. wanna join tuesday couch potatoes..Happy wednesday!

ray said...

hi there,
I will surely watch that movie and thanks for visiting my blog.

Seiko said...

I love this movie too!Pwede ba akong sumali dito Mommy?

pehpot said...

uy parang kwela at super kakakilig ang movie na ito ah.. I wanna watch..

I really enjoyed making
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