Monday, September 7, 2020

An Angel Is Born

My dearest Lilly,

You came earlier than expected. And nothing could have prepared us of your coming although we have been excitedly waiting for you since you were  conceived. It took years, you see, before I got pregnant with you. We have prayed for you and He has answered our prayers at a time when we least expected it.

I had my worries during the course of my pregnancy with you, because I was turning forty and there are lots of risks that go with a late pregnancy. But our Lord is gracious and faithful and gave us a healthy baby girl. There were complications during childbirth, but it was all perhaps for a reason. You are now 19 days old and growing bigger and filling our days with surprises and our sleepless nights with wonder. Looking back at what we have been through the past couple of weeks, I could say that you have been through a lot, that I still cry remembering your pain each time they wanted to get your blood samples for tests. The Corona pandemic didn't make it any easier for us, as it did not allow for hospital visits from other family members and friends but the positive thing is, we were able to bond better and have the time just for ourselves. 

There are lots of challenges, surprises that will come our way, in this journey together with you but I am positive and happy because everyone in the family is here to support you and me: your daddy, your big sister and even our dog Suki. For that I am grateful. We are all happy that you, our little angel, is born. And we have lots of plans with you, going on family trips and family adventures, or just spending lazy days at home.

We welcome you into our life, our little angel, our Lilly Anne. We thank God for you. Thank you for being born.

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