Monday, September 28, 2020

The Bonus Kindergeld

Until today, the human race is still on the race to find an effective and safe vaccine against the novel corona virus which has plagued the entire world since December 2019. It has never been easy for many of us who are greatly affected by the lockdowns. Some have lost their jobs, some families lost a loved one to the virus, some have no choice but to work from home, some have to work less hours resulting to lesser income. 

We did not see this coming and it is a good thing that here in Germany, there are many support packages that the government is offering. One of them is the bonus Kindergeld (child care allowance) amounting to €300.00 per child. This bonus allowance is automatically given to children who are receiving the child care allowance in two installments: €200 in September and €100 in October. For children who are first born this year, they will also receive the bonus allowance but at a late time. The schedule for the release of the funds is dependent on the last digit of your reference number. For our first child, we already received the €200 a few days before the scheduled day. It was really a welcome surprise for us as we really could use the extra cash to purchase new clothes and school supplies as the new school year recently started.

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