Friday, May 19, 2017

Bike As a Wall Deco?

My husband is a hobby - triathlete. He started three years ago and I admire his discipline and passion for the sport. He trains regularly at the sports club where he is member in and also goes to the fitness studio to do his strength training. He finds the sport challenging as it tests his endurance.

Of course, this sport requires equipment and gear. The swimming and running gear are just small ones that you could easily store in a box, but for the biking gears, that's another story. He has at least 3 bikes, one he uses for his triathlon races, one for off-road and the other for longer distance bike marathons. One that he keeps inside the house is his Argon. So I have been looking for solutions on how to integrate it into the home without making it look out of place and at the same, very easy to access once he needs to use it. And also, I want it off the floor!

And here are some ideas that I found:

Perfect for those who love white!
There's a storage for the helmet too!
There's a shelf for other stuff where he can put it other bike stuff.
This one is available on Etsy!
Very minimalist style... Also a good idea.
So which one design you like best?

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