Sunday, May 21, 2017

Organize Your Entire Home into Three Simple Categories

Clutter can take over in no time at all. The trick is to clean it up and then stay on top of the stuff that enters your house. De-cluttering can appear to be an overwhelming task, but if you sort your things into three easy to manage categories, tidying up will be quick and painless. The following are the three main categories and what you should place in each one. 


This is the pile you will be putting back into your drawer, cupboard, or closet. It should include anything with sentimental value or that you use on a day to day basis. For example, your current clothing, household items, and family photos would go in the keep pile. If you have larger items that you want to keep but don’t have room to store them, you can take advantage of storage units Boston has available such as those at On Demand Storage. 


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Clothing you have grown tired of, furniture you just don’t use anymore, and household items that are collecting dust can be put in a donation bin. Once you’re done cleaning, this bin can be taken to your local collection site such as Good Will or the Salvation Army. There are people who will enjoy these items and appreciate finding them at a bargain price.


You will be surprised at how much trash you’ve been hanging on to. Throw these items away. Worn out shoes and clothing, broken appliances, and busted furniture are all examples of things that are simply taking up space in your storage areas. Some of your stuff will have you stumped. Think about when you last used it. If it has been over a year, you probably don’t need to keep it. Once you have sorted through all of your belongings and placed them into three distinct piles, you can easily organize every cupboard, drawer, and closet in your home. Keep the systems going by placing a bin in the garage labeled “donation.” Every time a new item comes into the house decide where it goes. Put it away, toss it in the bin, or pitch it before it adds to your in-house clutter.

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