Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vertically Challenged

We Asians are not really tall people so that compared to our European neighbors, one can say that we are "vertically challenged". But what we lack in height we compensate for our being big-hearted. Don't you agree?

In my country, I have average height. Not tall and not short. But here, I am considered a "shortie". And yes, there have been challenges, especially if you are mixed in a sea of tall people. It will be very difficult to find you in a crowd or it would be hard to see the performers at a standing concert, especially if you're at the back. Ever had any difficulties reaching for grocery items from the shelves. I remember having to ask hubby to reach a bottle of shampoo or anything that is out of my reach for me or ask someone tall to get a pack of mineral water from the shelves because I cannot reach it. It is sometimes embarassing but I have to do it so I can completely tick off my grocery list. :)

Even at home, there are challenges too. I would need at least two step stools to reach for something that is stored in the overhead cupboards. Then my lower back would hurt from standing while washing the dishes. This is because the sink is quite high and it is not a very comfortable position to be washing with your arms a little bit raised than normal. Thankfully though, we got ourselves a dishwasher. We get to save water, which is very expensive, and my lower back wouldn't have to suffer so much!

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kikit said...

i love the term, vertically challenged, probably because i can relate to it more than you do. maski naa ko sa pinas. hehe :D

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