Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To Help My Baby Get A Good Night's Sleep

Learning to live with a baby in the house is a big challenge for even a seasoned parent, for every baby is unique. Getting the baby to sleep well is a big factor for parents, for when baby sleeps well so do the parents. There are countless tips and hints on how to help your baby get a good night's sleep, from blackout curtains to lullabies and pacifiers. Here are a few specific tips to help you be able to help your baby settle down and sleep well. A well-rested baby is a happy baby with well rested parents.


The atmosphere of where your baby sleeps is an important factor in facilitating a good night's sleep. The room should not be to warm or too cold. A cool temperature is ideal for sleeping. Warm enough for light covers or pyjamas to be comfortable yet cool enough to breathe easily and rest well. Most people sleep better under cool conditions, babies are no exception. Some babies need quiet to sleep while others sleep better when they hear muffled household sounds. Once you learn what works best for your baby, you can adjust the atmosphere accordingly.

Lighting is also something to consider in the baby's sleeping atmosphere. Most people sleep better without any bright lights shining in. All electronics and bright lights should be kept from the room when it is time to sleep. Lights shining in from outside can be blocked with blackout curtains. These curtains can also let baby sleep past the crack of dawn. Blackout curtains can be easily closed at bedtime and opened when it is time to wake.


A soothing bedtime routine can help baby wind down and get ready for sleep. This routine need not be rigid or stressful, the point is to relax both you and the baby and get the baby ready for sleep. A baby's bedtime routine can be a warm bath followed by snuggle time and a story or soft lullaby, anything that is soft and calming that allows the baby's body to relax and wind down. This is a very important part of helping your baby get a good night's sleep. A baby that is wound up cannot relax and go to sleep. This is true for most people of any age.

By setting up a comfortable sleeping space for your baby and keeping the temperature cool and the lighting low, you are setting the stage for a good night's sleep. Helping your baby get a good night's sleep can be smooth sailing with attention to atmosphere, including lighting, and routine. A well-rested baby is a healthier and happier baby—which is what all parents want for their child.

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Joeann said...

so true an, I think little Sam is doing well in with sleeping.:)

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