Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gone Formal

It is nice to dress up for formal occasions once in a while. When an invitation to go to a Gala Dinner arrived, I was having second thoughts at first but then again, such events only happen once in a while, so why not? It is a Filipino event anyway so we wouldn't be bored, knowing that we have friends whom we can sit with at the table. The Gala Dinner, which was held last night at the Maritim Hotel in Stuttgart, was in honor of the Filipino Nurses who came here in Germany some forty years ago.

Since it was a formal occasion, we had to dress up for the event. I am not fond of wearing dresses and wearing make-up, and my husband is not a fan of suits and ties and leather shoes. I always feel awkward when I am wearing dresses but I guess once you are there, you realize that you need not be so self-conscious since everyone is wearing formal wear too.

Thankfully, a friend Aunt's daughter also came to the event and she helped me with my hair and make-up. I do not wear any make-up at all, nor do I have my own set of cosmetics so I was really null when it comes to putting on make-up. She applied gold eyeshadow on the corner of my eyes and also some mascara on my eyelashes. While she was putting on my make-up, I suddenly thought of women having very long eyelashes. I wonder if they are natural or they used products to grow them. My eyelashes are okay but should I want to have longer ones, I'd better read about eyelash growth products reviews. She also did my hair and braided both sides and tied it on the back of my head, Tibetan style. The make-up I can say was just light and good enough for the evening. I don't know what I would have done without her help. The make-up suddenly gave me a boost of self-confidence. Hehe!

It was a nice evening, with good music and Filipino folk dances. Dinner was also nice and delectable. The highlight of the event: the recognition of the Filipino nurses who have been serving the sick and the elderly for forty years now.

The night ended suddenly for us when our little Princess got exhausted and wanted to go home so she can sleep in our own bed. We went home exhausted but feeling nice about everything. It is not so bad to go formal once in a while after all. :)

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JonaBQ said...

I too am not always excited to attend formal gatherings. But I take it as an opportunity to practice my dressing up and makeup skills. Anyway, events like these happen only once in a while.
You all looked great!

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