Thursday, November 3, 2011

At Last, A Holiday!

My hubby and I decided last weekend that we needed a break. It was also about time since I was also on the verge of losing my sanity... but this, of course, is just an exaggeration! :D

Saturday morning. Hubby woke me early with the words: "It's Prague!" I wanted to doze off some more since it was the weekend when it dawned on me that he wanted us to go on a short vacation. It may not be a long holiday, but it was better than nothing. And he chose Prague. We haven't been there before and it's not a very long drive... just about four hours from Stuttgart. I thought to myself, how on earth am I going to prepare for such a trip? I had tons of laundry to do, I needed to pack, we needed to book a hotel, I needed to read about Prague!

Then hubby showed me this great deal for a five-star hotel in Prague for two nights and when our booking was confirmed by the hotel, there was no turning back and everything was blitzschnell. I managed to finish packing and prepare everything for our trip the next day at "lightning speed".

Sunday. We arrived in Prague at around three in the afternoon. The drive took longer than expected since we had to stop for food, stretching and toilet breaks. I took photos on the way and I can say that just looking out my window and watching the countryside in its autumn glory helped to relieve the tension and stress that I was feeling for the past few months.

Our hotel was located at the heart of the city and I can say that we had a great stay. The buffet breakfast was superb, the room was large, it was quiet even though the hotel was in the middle of Wenceslas Square. More of our stay and our misadvantures in the coming entries...


Joeann said...

wow,that's so sweet an, i've never been there to see photos from your trip.:)

Jade said...

I always wanted to see Prague but never had the opportunity:( But I'd love to see the photos Marce!

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