Thursday, May 27, 2010

We As Parents

My mother always told me this: "You will never know what it takes to become a mother or a father until you became one. " And indeed, she is right. School did not teach us how to become a parent. There were no courses on Parenting but it did provide lots of advice on how to be a responsible person so that one knows how to handle life's many responsibilities.

When Hubby and I first learned that we were going to have a baby, we knew then that we have a great responsibility towards another life. And so Hubby worked hard and searched for a better job. I on the other hand had to also find ways to make ends meet and to prepare for our child. We also had to save up for the coming baby. We make sure though that we get equal opportunity to care for our baby. Weekends always mean a family day and I am just glad that Hubby has a normal job that does not demand working on weekends.

Samantha may seem closer to me because when both of Hubby and I are around, she would most of the time come to me. I guess this is just normal because we spend the entire day together while Hubby is working. But when I leave the two of them alone, she would be drawn to him like a magnet. At her age, she knows who to approach and when. As new parents, we always want to provide our only child with what she needs and her occasional wants. But we see to it that we do not spoil her. We also discipline when it is needed because a wrong must be made right while it is still early or it will be too late.

It is our fervent prayer as parents that we may be able to nurture our child in the best way we know how and that she may grow to be a God-fearing and good person. And it is our silent promise to be always present for her in whatever stage of her life.

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Sherry said...

oh this is nice story of yours :D hehe.. get to know you better too.

Lady Patchy said...

mga anak ko din ,mama's boys .sa daddy nila kasi nila di pwede kalokohan nila.

Mommy Liz said...

Hubby might be a disciplinarian, but the kids love him to death as well. Ganon yata, mas hahanapin tayo ng mga anak natin kasi tayo ang laging kasama, but still their love for their father eh di nawawala.
Ang hirap maging best parent, but if we do it with love and affection, in the eyes of our kids, we are the best parent di ba?

Sorry now lang ako nakadalaw, 4 days akong nawala, di ako maka internet sa house ng aunt ko.
Thanks for joining this week ha. Next week naman eh "My hubby as a Son"

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