Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Butterfly Watching

One of the perks of having a DSLR camera? You get to photograph tiny insects up close and still get a clear picture. I have always admired people who can capture insects at play, insects mating, or insects just simply being insects.

I just wish I were a good photographer though, had some lessons and powerful lenses. My butterfly photos were not very attractive as I have got shaky hands and I don't have a macro lens. But I do claim them as beautiful nonetheless. Hehehe!

The butterfly photos above are just some of the butterflies housed in the Schmetterlingshaus (butterfly house) in Insel Mainau, the flower island which is located in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, along the Bodensee (Lake Constance). In the spring season, it is bursting with fresh greens and spring blooms. In the summer, it is filled with the heavenly fragrance and colors of different rose varieties. It was a very fine day when we went for a visit two Thursdays ago. This is one of the popular destinations for local and international visitors in the Bodensee area.

The turtle pond inside the butterfly house in Insel Mainau.

And oh, if you know how these butterflies are called, kindly let me know. I was too busy taking photographs that I forgot to take note of the names. :D This blogger is getting old...

Want to see more of Insel Mainau? Stay tuned!


pehpot said...

I like the one with the oranges,, ang ganda ng contrast ah

Jade said...

They are beautiful Kikamz! They are similar to the butterflies I have made pictures of here in Singapore. I'll check if I have the names somewhere...:)

Mylene said...

They are indeed beautiful!

Mylene said...

They are indeed beautiful!

Carmen Araneta said...

Your shots are beautiful. They deserve to be in National Geographic, he, he. Hindi nga.

Clarissa said...

Wonderful shots,Mommy Kikamz!!Looks like a pro!!

Enchie said...

Exactly what I also enjoy using a dslr.

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