Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friends From School

School is where we meet most of our friends. Some we get close to. Some just come and go. Some are meant to last while some, just for a while.

My high school classmates and friends during our Davao Reunion last 2007.

We were from II-Kamia: Enya, Lowie, Ogie, Me

I am lucky to study in a high school where the class size is small. The maximum number of students is 30 so that more or less, I know all of them and even get to be classmates with some of them from first year until fourth year high school. I have grown close to a number of them but sadly, we had to part ways during our college years. Most of my close friends in high school went to UP Diliman while I was left in Davao. So sad! But we still communicate through emails, YM and FB though. Thanks to the internet, we still are able to catch up on each other's lives. I am hoping to see them again soon. I am just biding my time. I know that one day, the heavens will answer my hopes of being reunited with my high school barkada.

My two best girl friends from College: Maricar and Judai.
Both are Samantha's godmothers.

After the shower party that my SICO family threw out for me.

Hubby and I more or less have the same set of friends. Aren't we lucky?

College was an entirely different environment but very interesting nonetheless. I have various sets of friends. I have friends from my course, two of whom became my best girl friends. I also have my friends from the volunteer group where I also volunteer. I also have a set of friends from other organizations of whom I have a common interest with. These sets of friends all helped me balance between my academic and social life and have helped shape me to become the person I am more or less today.

My SICO Family - where I became a person for and with others.

College Days: SICO Volunteer training with ASEP 28 Batchmates and volunteers.

Me with the younger SICO Volunteers back in 2007.
We all are young and filled with the energy of youth and have our own careers.

My mentor, my art therapy partner, my very good friend
who never fails to make me laugh and smile: Ate Shal.

I don't know where I will be without these friends of mine. And living overseas all the more magnifies my nostalgia. I wish the circumstances were different and I could just visit them and see them whenever I please. We all have our own lives to live now, own families and own careers. I hope that as we move on with our lives, we may never forget those precious moments. And that we may never forget to invite them into our lives again should the opportunity come.

I miss my friends. I hope that all is well with them.


Rocky said...

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anne said...

wow your from davao pala girl? nice pics you got there though anyway mine is up na pala and its here

charmie said...

wonderful entry sis.. kakaiyak hehehe..

ferry'zWILL said...

Wow naman Sis, ang sweet naman ng post mo...But yes Indeed, friends are really worth keeping for.

Your friends are lucky to have you in thier lives.

iamronel said...

wow look fun..btw can we have an link exchange>? thanks a lot

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awww, great memories to treasure..

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Chris said...

you are blessed with many friends! :D

Mylene said...

Dami mo pala friends :)

It is very true that some friends are meant for a while and few are meant to last for life time.

Mommy Liz said...

it's so nice na magkakasama pa rin kau when you get a chance. Tagal ko na rin di nakita mga high school friends ko, yung isa 2000 pa, yung isa naman last year lang..

Ganon naman nagiging kumare at kumpare ang mga friends.. dyan ang entry ko.

niko said...

sobrang miss mo n tlga friends mo kamz, i can sense it while reading ur entry.. i hope na mag grand reunion kau someday soon!! hihih

sorry for the late visit ha, kkayos lng ng net ko hihih. will do my share for this week later hihih haayz

thanks for always joining Gt marce!!

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