Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

It is 2 in the morning as of this writing. I know I should be sleeping already but I still can't bring myself to bed. My eyes are now threatening to close but my mind is still very active. I am just very happy today. I know I have missed two Friday memes because I have been busy cleaning, entertaining guests and taking care of my Samantha but nothing can compare to the happiness that I am feeling right now.

Why am I so glad?

Because HE visited our home:

Yes, Sto. Nino together with the members of the Sto. Nino Group visited our home for the Friday Novena/Devotion to the Sto. Nino just yesterday. I have long been waiting for this day to come and it finally arrived. I am just moved with the experience because the Infant Jesus brought almost all the members into our humble home. While we were expecting only a few, we were overwhelmed that many had come. We were united in prayer, shared stories, sang songs and enjoyed a sumptuous meal. If you are like me who is living overseas, having friends who pray with you is a great blessing. Each Friday, we gather together and pray the novena. This is where I draw my strength and inspiration from. This also keeps us closer together as a family.

I feel blessed and I am thankful. For the experience. For the little miracles. For the blessings of these good friends in a foreign land. The phrase "Thank God It's Friday!" has taken on a new height for me... A more spiritual one. I thank God for that.

Now that I have finally written my thoughts, my mind is already calm. I can now rest. I wish you all a very blessed weekend.

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