Friday, October 2, 2009

Mommy Moments: Music and Me

This week's theme for Mommy Moments is Music and Me. I know that so many of our Filipino blogger mommies have been affected by typhoon Ondoy. I pray for all of you. May you have normalcy in your daily life soon! And I hope that this entry will cheer you up!

Sam has a love for music. Why? Because while she was still inside me, I made sure to listen to music every chance I got. I was listening to gospel music and classical music then. Then, when I was nearing my due date, I stayed with our Ninang in Tokyo and her son is a very good guitar player. He would play Jack Johnson songs while I sing along. I guess Samantha must have loved it too. Now that she is older, she loves to sing and dance too! I still haven't caught her on video while dancing to Barney songs yet but I know that day will come soon. I just have to be patient. In the meantime, let me just post three videos of her.

This first video was taken when we were still in Japan. Sam still cannot stand on her own then, so how does one dance when you cannot stand on your own two feet? Just watch and learn:

Here is another video from my baby's blog that is worth seeing. It was originally posted here: I Can Dance. What do you think?

Here is Sam singing her heart out. It was a lovely surprise for all of us. She improvised and used a flashlight for her microphone. Please excuse the mess. Isn't she adorable?

More lovely voices, funky music and groovy moves at The Mommy Journey!
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maritz said...

wow! cute kid. like baby like mommy.

Hazel said...

singing and dancing for the little superstar! happy mommy moments Kikamz.

sweet_shelo said...

She will surely love music more when she grows up!!! Keep on nurturing her..p

niko said...

omg! :) i love her singing.. galing mo to capture that! :)

naku hirap ako to capture yena when she's singing.. she stops when she saw me capturing her. lately all she said when we request for songs is AYAAWW :( haaaay.

super cute ni sam while singing.. and that mic is cute ha! galing nia mag improvised :)

Cookie said...

makalingaw man si sam oi. she's a cutie and yeah, she could really sing! i listened to classical and gospel music when i was pregnant with chloe, too. effective jud siguro ;-)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Aha Celine dion in the making hehehe.. Gogogo Sam!

For the love of Music, I posted some embarrassing ones in mine lol..

Tetcha said...

Sam is so cute in all three videos! Good thing you captured those lovely moments.

Meikah said...

She's a natural! ;) You have a future performer.

My MM entry is here.

Jacris said...

she is so adorable...I enjoyed watching her videos..So cute ;p

elapot said...

awwwww!!! so cute!!! ayan parehong pareho sila ng mga vids ng anak ko. wala pa lang si joel na singing vids kasi made-up lyrics pa lang sya with her own language na di pa maintindihan, hahahaha. mine's up na rin

Clarissa said...

Ang galing-galing sumayaw ni Sam!!She'll be a super performer someday!!^_^

Chris said...

its great that you captured these moments! :d thanks for sharing them and brightening my day! :D

Kikit said...

hope sam will not spend her future savings at karaoke bars. hehe :)

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