Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Car Safety vs. Price

Much has been said about car accidents. We see it on the news, we hear about it on the radio, we read about it in newspapers. We hear about these accidents and people getting injured almost on a daily basis, what with cars becoming more and more a necessity each day. It is a sad reality that most injuries and casualties from car accidents are a result not of the crash itself, but of the the car's intruding parts in the passenger compartment for example.

The frontal impact test done by Euro NCAP.
How safe is the car you are driving then? Have you ever given that a thought? I was watching this archive video of a car show one time when their topic for the day caught my attention: Car Safety. There they explained the different frontal impact test results conducted by an independent assessor of car safety in Europe. Generally, cars having high safety ratings are safer. And it most cases, higher rating cars are also more expensive. The question then that has been bugging me lately is "would you compromise your and your family's safety over price?"

So before you buy a car OR the next time you buy a car, consider safety over price. The image below is the latest results released by Euro NCAP in August 2009 and might just help you in deciding which car to choose.

-click on image to enlarge-
You may also check your car's rating by entering the make and model here.


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