Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Experience God

Building a relationship with God is a beautiful opportunity to get to know the Creator of the Universe and develop a personal bond. It's one thing to talk about how good God is. It's another thing to actually experience it. Consider these four tips and learn how to connect with God.

1. Study the Word.
When you study the Word of God, you're able to learn more about his character, laws and desires for his children. Be intentional about reading every day. You can download a Bible app and receive notifications with new scriptures on a daily basis. You can even start a challenge where you read the entire Bible in one year. Just make sure to absorb the information and learn.

2. Pray.
Prayer is the opportunity to communicate with God. Many people suggest that meditation is when God communicates back to you. Open the channels of your heart and mind and be transparent with God. Let him know that you need him. Talk to him about how much you love him. Pray for your friends, family and community. Talk to him about your desires and ask him to reveal his purpose for your life. Start by waking up in the morning and immediately pray. As you go throughout your day, continue to silently pray and ask God to lead you in the right direction.

3. Express gratitude.
If you give a little child a gift and they take it without saying thank you, you'd be less likely to want to give them another gift. Why? There's something really special about letting someone know that you appreciate what you've done for them. Granted, God's goodness is based on yours. However, it is important to express gratitude and let God know that you're thankful for all He has done in your life. Whether you choose to share it through singing a praise & worship song or sharing a testimony with a friend, always make sure to talk about how good God is and express gratitude for all he's done.

4. Commit to growth.
It can be really challenging to grow in your relationship with God because it's a refining process. When you first pull gold out of the ground, it has to go through the fire and get molded. Once it's molded and perfected, it's so beautiful and desirable. As a Christian, you're going to go through situations that will feel terrible. The pressure of negative situations will help you mold your character and become a better person. Commit to the process because it's all working for your improvement.

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