Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Balcony Decorating Ideas

It is that time of the year again when we like to spend our afternoons lounging outside the balcony - be it to enjoy the warm sun, letting go of the day's stress, catching up with family members or on reading, or just relaxing. Thanks to the longer and warmer days that spring brings, our bodies and spirits seem more relaxed and our dispositions more enthusiastic.

It is always a challenge to make the balcony a relaxing place to retreat into so I gathered some ideas I found on Pinterest that would help on how to create that ambiance you want while making good use of limited space.

Choose compact and functional yet comfortable garden furniture. If the space is small, opt for sleek designs and foldable ones.

Add potted plants to your balcony, but not just any plant. Choose those that are suitable for your balcony. Consider what kind of plants you want (greens, blooms or herbs), how much sun, shade or wind your balcony gets.

Color schemes and patterns help keep things together. Natural outdoor textiles like pillows, blankets and outdoor rugs ensures comfort.

Light always add to the ambiance - candles, warm fairy lights, lampions and lanterns add warmth and helps create the mood. 

Do you have other decorating ideas for the balcony?

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