Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Five Benefits of Visiting a Pet Spa

There are many pet owners who schedule regular appointments at their local pet spa in Plymouth MI. You may be thinking of scheduling an appointment for your own pet. A pet spa offers a day of cleaning, grooming and relaxing for your four-legged friend. Here are five benefits of visiting a pet spa with your dog or cat.

Keeps Their Coat and Skin Healthy: The Spa Bath, Spa Groom, Hypoallergenic Treatment and Shed Reducing Treatment are designed to keep their coat and skin healthy. You can have their nails trimmed and ears cleaned to prevent an infection. A visit to the pet spa can also lead to a flea or tick treatment.

Early Detection of Health Issues: A regular visit to the pet spa can result in early detection of issues with their skin, ears and teeth. Your groomer can spot signs such as skin lesions, bald patches and gum discoloration. You can schedule an appointment with the veterinarian before their condition becomes too serious.

Releases Stress and Promotes Relaxation: Your pets do feel stress, tension and anxiety, and a day at the pet spa can help reduce those negative feelings. The staff uses pet-friendly products to massage and clean your pet, and the treatment may include aromatherapy or moisturizing bubbles to help them relax. A bath or grooming session may include a massage, but you can also schedule a separate massage session for your pet.

Uses Pet-Friendly Treatments To Deodorize Your Pet: It is no secret that some pets develop an odor after a day of playing and grooming themselves. A pet groomer can eliminate those odors with pet-friendly treatments such as the Spa Bath. The pet spa may also offer a de-skunking treatment to remove the odors from an unpleasant situation.

Your Pet Looks and Feels Great: Your pet is sure to feel great after a day at the pet spa. Their hair is untangled, teeth are brushed and nails are trimmed. The treatments also repair a damaged coat, remove dirt and reduce tension. Your pet looks amazing with clean ears, healthy skin and a shiny coat. 

A visit to the pet spa involves more than just bathing your pet and styling their coat. The staff uses pet-friendly products to deodorize your pet, help them relax and detect health issues. It is important to schedule regular appointments with your local pet spa.

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