Sunday, October 22, 2017

Why You Should Dump Low-Quality Computer Chairs

Being tied to a computer and desk all day might be fine if the chair available did not cause more pain and discomfort than what is often tolerable. Making a dramatic change to a more comfortable, back-friendly version could be all it takes to improve the health of your existing employees. 

How many hours are spent sedentary?

Many types of office jobs require an employee to be stationed at a desk for hours at a time. Sedentary lifestyles are shown to bring about a whole host of bad health problems. It can be anything from increased risks of heart disease, to type 2 diabetes. Having the right equipment around will help your employees feel less stressed. Decreases in stress help boost the immune system.

Poor Back Support and Increased Pain

When the back is not properly supported, especially during tasks that require large amounts of time sitting, this can lead to chronic pain. There is no way to gauge exactly how many hours of work are lost each year to chronic back pain due to poor sitting posture. The number would most likely be an eye-opener. Guarding the health of your employees will help build employee loyalty.

Low-Quality Computer Chairs and Poor Blood Circulation

Computer chairs of extremely low-quality are hard to adjust and can cause leg cramping, muscle pinching, and poor blood circulation. This is another set-up for lost work days for employees that feel the effects of poorly selected office equipment. Investing in more comfortable chairs can improve performance and attendance.

Increased Energy from Adequate Body Support

Eating healthy and getting plenty of rest is beneficial to improved health and work performance, but there is much that can be gained by providing adequate body support with desk jobs. Employees tend to feel more energetic and enthusiastic about their job. 

Better Savings Through Wholesale Pricing

You can get high-quality wholesale computer chairs at the most competitive prices by buying in bulk quantities. You can begin to reap the rewards of happier and healthier employees right away. It might be time to sump the old chairs and start fresh, with a product that is designed to keep people comfortable for hours on end.

Contact computer chair specialists like Office Furniture Direct and get a quote to replace your worn out versions today!

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